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Portable Satellite Terminals

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The Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER™ 500 combines exceptional performance with portability. It meets the needs of the most demanding business traveller for remote, high-speed access to corporate networks. It is also suitable for small teams who need to set up a temporary office.


Key Advantages

● Simultaneous voice and broadband data – access your data applications and make aphone call at the same time – via a Bluetooth handset or a standard desktop                 phone.Also supports streaming IP at speeds up to 128kbps for applications requiring guaranteed quality of service.

● Highly portable – smaller than a laptop, the EXPLORER™ 500 represents the ultimate combination of portability and performance.

● Global coverage – provides service anywhere within the BGAN coverage area.

● Easy to use – simply plug in a phone or laptop, or connect using the Bluetooth interface,point the antenna towards the Inmarsat satellite and you are online.

● Highly flexible – caters both to individual users and small teams on the move.Supports circuit-switched and IP packet data via standard LAN, USB, Bluetooth and                   phone/fax Interfaces.

● Very robust – splash and dust-resistant.

● Completely secure – connect seamlessly via your preferred VPN application.


Technical Specifications

● Physical characteristics

        Weight:<1.5kgs (<3.3lbs)


     Length: 217mm (8.5”)

     Width: 217mm (8.5”)

     Depth: 52mm (2.0”)



 Bluetooth (up to 100m)

 Supported profiles

 Service discovery application

 Serial port

 Dial-up networking

 LAN access

 Cordless telephony


 User access: Via activated 3G compatible SIM card

 User interfaces:

     PC: BGAN LaunchPad

     Built-in web-server

 On terminal: Terminal control buttons and LCD

● Power

 Power supply: AC/DC

 External power : 15 Volts DC, 100-240 Volts AC (47-63Hz)

 Battery life : Transmit: 1.5 hours at 144kbps

 Stand-by time: 36 hours

 Battery type : Lithium-ion. Rechargeable

 Input voltage : 10-16 Volts DC

● Tolerances

 Ambient operating temperature

 Powered from external DC : -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to +131°F)

 Powered by battery only : 0°C to +55°C (+32°F to +131°F)

 Charging temp : 0°C to +45°C (+32°F to +113°F);

 Operating humidity : Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C (+104°F)

 Water and dust (Ingress protection) : IP 54

● Radio specifications

 Maximum radiated power (EIRP) : +15.1dBW ±1dB

● Supported operating systems

 Operating system : Windows: 2000, XP

 MAC: OS 10.1 or later

 Linux: Redhat 9

● Data capabilities

 IP data

 Standard IP : Background class of service

 Send: up to 448kbps over a shared channel

 Receive: up to 464kbps over a shared channel

 Streaming IP : Guaranteed quality of service

 Send: 32, 64, 128kbps

 Receive: 32, 64, 128kbps

 Multiple IP streaming

 sessions simultaneously

 ISDN data : UDI (64kbps) – via USB

 SMS : 160 characters

● Voice capabilities

 Voice : 4kbps 3.1kHz audio

 Supplementary : Voicemail

 Services : Call forwarding、Call barring、Call waiting、Call holding

● Accessories

 Cabling : Ethernet (2m), USB (2m)

 Voice handset : EXPLORER™ Bluetooth handset, 2m charger cable + desk top charger cradle

 AC/DC power supply : 100/240 Volts

 Power plug : 2 pin European type

 Car charger : Cable with cigarette lighter plug

 Solar charger : Off the shelf (please check with manufacturer)

 External antenna : Active (with 10m cable)

 Pole mount kit : For external antenna

 Spare battery : Standard Li-ion battery

 Bag : Canvas bag

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