Content and service regulations

1. In order to better service for you, I will buy your product (hereinafter referred to as "Product") you solemnly make the following pledge.

⑴ Warranty:

① Sales of products to customers within the company registration, warranty date calculated from the date of purchase of the product from the company since.

② The warranty on the product, warranty dates are different parts warranty period of 3 months to 1 year, the host 1 year warranty. (Specific warranty date available to business people understand, the general reference to the relevant provisions of the warranty handling equipment manufacturers).

③ Individual customer requirements to extend the warranty date (beyond the manufacturers of products related equipment free warranty period), may be paid "extended warranty costs an additional" to the company. Operational staff and customer specifically agreed in the sales contract, in accordance with the implementation of the agreement.

④ The purchase of the product under normal use and maintenance free under the warranty period, by the fault of the machine components caused by technical personnel testing to confirm, maintainability and free replacement parts.

⑵ User repair:

①If you use, the product is found faulty, please call the Technical Hotline: You can understand the possible causes through technical advice hotline.

② Repair if necessary, available telephone and address maintenance services to our company, please you the defective product to the nearest service facility for service. If no local service organization, you can express the defective product to the company for repair.

③ I will arrange for service as soon as possible.

⑶ Can not "warranty" situation:

① The product is beyond the warranty period.

② The customer is not in accordance with the requirements of the product specification for installation, storage and use, resulting in product failure or damage.

③ Or non-certified service personnel to install, repair, alteration or demolition or damage caused by the failure.

④ The use of non-original parts caused by failure or damage.

⑤Due to unexpected factors or man-made reasons (including computer viruses, handling, extrusion, bump, scratches, impact, high temperature, improper input voltage, corrosion, etc.) resulting from malfunction or damage.

⑥Due to natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquakes, fire, etc.) causes failure or damage.

⑦ Other non-product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems caused by failure or damage.

⑧ Frequent testing and other industrial production.

⑷ Technical support, installation and training:

① I guarantee good quality products, and provide the necessary technical advice to ensure customer normal use.

②My company can provide free product installation and commissioning services (subject to pre-agreed project) to customers.

③ Professional training (in the pre-project shall prevail) their relevant personnel according to the customer's business needs, organizations.

④Our website provides detailed instructions for use of some products, and other related information.

⑤ Technical support integration projects include: site inspection and installation hardware, hardware upgrades, hardware maintenance, all kinds of software installation, commissioning, maintenance, upgrades, and application training.

2, I arrived at the scene and the service response time (including the warranty period free repair and / or replacement of defective goods or components of response time):

After equipment delivery, fails during the warranty period, if the device because of quality problems, the company responsible for the free replacement of equipment; respond within one hour after receiving the user notification, eliminate the problem within two hours, according to user requirements on a regular basis equipment maintenance and repair.

3, The company arrange for technical training project (pre-project agreement to date):Provide operational manuals and training physical exercises until all participants learned so far.

4, My company for projects and equipment for maintenance technicians, spare parts supply assurance measures and standard charges.



1. Taker Depending on the service needs of users, the consultation will be the first time the phone transferred to technical support engineers there, the user will get answers to technical issues.



Spare parts supply assurance measures

① I have some products of maintenance spare machines and spare parts inventory to meet customer needs for emergency.

② Transportation tracking, door to door delivery service.