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Portable Satellite Terminals

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The new EXPLORER 710 announced in April 2013 provides on-demand streaming rates at 650 kbps out of the box. As the world’s smallest Class 1 BGAN terminal and the first to take advantage of Inmarsat’s new streaming service (High Data Rate), the EXPLORER 710 will deliver high-speed, ultra-portable satellite streaming for broadcasting and other IP-based industry applications.The EXPLORER 710 includes several advanced new features, including plug and play bonding - simply connect two EXPLORER 710’s and double the throughput. A low-end VSAT capability in a portable BGAN form factor.


Key Advantages

● Raising the BGAN bar

 An ultra-portable satellite terminal set to usher in a new era in the world of BGAN by setting new standards for size, speed and features.

● Smallest and Lightest

 The smallest Class 1 BGAN terminal positioned to support broadcasters in enhancing the quality of mobile outside broadcasting.

● Fastest ever BGAN

 The first and only BGAN terminal to support the new on-demand streaming service from Inmarsat. With speeds at 650 kbps the EXPLORER 710 sets a new standard for      mobile video newsgathering.

 Double the speed with plug and play bonding - simply connect two EXPLORER 710 terminals with an ethernet cable and achieve streaming rates over 1 Mbps.

● Smart and Easy

 The new flagship in the EXPLORER series introduces Smart Phones to the world of BGAN,enabling users to connect their own devices for voice calling and                         connectivity.Other features includes a USB host interface, hot-swappable batteries, an easy-to-use LED display and multiple interfaces to support a wide range of                 applications.


Technical specifications

● Dimensions

 Total H / W / D:

    332 / 279 / 54 mm

 13.07 / 10.98 / 2.13 inches

● Total weight

 3.2 kg / 7 lbs (incl. battery)

 Antenna: 1.7 kg (tbc)

 Transceiver: 1.5 kg (tbc)

● Global Services

 Voice: 4 kbps AMBE+2

 Premium voice: 3.1 kHz audio, 64 kbps

 Standard IP: Up to 492 kbps

 Streaming IP: 32, 64, 128 kbps

 (256 kbps & BGAN X-Stream - tbc)

 High Data Rate Streaming: + 650 kbps / +325 kbps (Half-channel HDR)

 ISDN: UDI 64 kbps / RDI 56 kbps

 SMS: Supported

● Inmarsat frequencies

 1518.0 - 1525.0 MHz (Rx) (EMEA)

 1525.0 - 1559.0 MHz (Rx)

 1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz (Tx)

 1668.0 - 1675.0 MHz (Tx) (EMEA)

● EIRP:20dBW ±1dB

● User Interface

 PMOLED Display

 5 navigation keys

 Audio and LCD pointing aids and LED indicator


● Languages:UK, FR, DE, ES, RU and CN

● Approvals

 Inmarsat Class 1 Type Approval at launch

 CE & FCC at launch. Other approvals TBC

● Interfaces

 1 x Analogue RJ-11 phone/fax interfaces

 2 x LAN interface

     Connector type: RJ-45

     Power over Ethernet: PoE Cl. 2 on one RJ-45 interface

 Data rate: 10/100 Mbps

 Max. cable length: 100m / 328ft (Cat5 UTP)

 1 x USB host interface

     Version: 2.0 (host)

     Connector type: A plug

     Charging: Up to 2A

 1 x ISDN interface

     Connector type: RJ-45

     Max. units per port: 8, max. total power supplied 1W

 1 x Transceiver / Antenna interface

     Connector type: TNC-TNC

     Max. cable length: 100m / 328ft, single coax

     Max. cable loss: 1.4 / 20dB @ 1.5GHz

     1 x BGAN SIM-Card slots

 WLAN Access Point

     Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g

     Frequencies: 2400.0-2485.0 MHz

     Max. coverage outdoor: 100m / 328ft

● Environmental conditions


     Operational (ambient): -25°C to +55°C / -13°F to +131°F

     Storage (excl. battery): -40°C to +80°C / -40°F to +176°F

 Battery storage temperature:

     1 month: -20°C to +60°C / -4°F to +140°F

     3 months: -20°C to +45°C / -4°F to +113°F

     1 year: -20°C to +20°C / -4°F to +68°F

 Water and dust: Transceiver: IP52 / Antenna: IP66

● Power

 DC input range: 10-32VDC

    Power consumption:

     Intelligent Power Management 65W (max.)

    AC/DC power supply:

     Input: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 65W

     Output: 19VDC

 Connector type: 2.5 / 5.5 mm power jack

 Battery:Lithium ion, rechargeable

 Stand-by time: 36h, 25°C / 77°F

 Transmit time, max.: 2h30m @ 144 kbps

 (25°C / 77°F) 1h30m @ 492 kbps

 Receive time, max.: 3h30m @ 492 kbps

 Recharge time: To be confirmed

 Charge temperature: 0°C to +45°C / 32°F to +113°F

● Package

 EXPLORER 710 Transceiver & Antenna incl. rechargeable lithium ion battery, Antenna cable, 2m ISDN/LAN cable, 115/230VAC power supply, Quick start guide, CD with      manuals.

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