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EXPLORER 700 provides access to the highest bandwidth available via BGAN, thereby facilita-ting a platform for a wide range of applications with need of high performance.Disregarding the environmental conditions, it is designed to last and with the detachable antenna, it is ideally suited for temporary camps or semi-fixed installations.


Key Advantages

● Versatility

   The flagship in the EXPLORER series provides multiple interfaces to support a wide range of applications. Ideal for video streaming applications and large file transfer           and can be used by smaller workgroups sharing a temporary or semi permanent office environment.

● High-speed

   The fastest BGAN terminal on the market with download and upload at 492 kbps. Moreover, it supports Inmarsat's BGAN X-Stream, on-demand streaming at +384 kbps       for applications demanding outstanding performance.

● Rough environments

   Designed to withstand severe environmental conditions such as humidity、dust、extreme weather and changing temperatures.


Technical specifications

● Specifications


     Total H / W / D: 297 / 399 / 51 mm

     11.7 / 15.7 / 2.0 inches

     Transceiver H / W / D: 280 / 228 / 40 mm

     11.0 / 8.9 / 1.6 inches

     Antenna H / W / D: 297 / 399 / 51 mm

     11.7 / 15.7 / 2.0 inches

 Weight (incl. battery):

     Total: 3.2 kg / 7.0 lbs

     Antenna: 1.7 kg / 3.7 lbs

     Transceiver: 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs

 Global Services:

     Voice: 4 kbps AMBE+2

     Premium voice: 3.1 kHz audio, 64 kbps

     Standard IP: Up to 492 kbps

     Streaming IP: 32, 64, 128, 256 kbps

     BGAN X-Stream: Minimum 384 kbps (from 384 to 450 kbps)

     ISDN: UDI 64 kbps / RDI 56 kbps

     SMS: 160 characters

 Inmarsat BGAN frequencies:

     Receive (Rx): 1525.0 – 1559.0 MHz

     Transmit (Tx): 1626.5 – 1660.5 MHz

     GPS: 1575.42 MHz

     EIRP: 20dBW ±1dB

● Environmental Conditions


     Operational (ambient): -25°C to +55°C / -13°F to +131°F

     Storage: -40°C to +80°C / -40°F to +176°F (ex. battery)

 Battery storage

  1 month: -20°C to +60°C / -4°F to +140°F ambient

  3 months: -20°C to +45°C / -4°F to +113°F ambient

  1 year: -20°C to +20°C / -4°F to +68°F ambient

 Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C / +104°F

 Robustness: 0.5m / 1.64ft drop on concrete(operational, 95% survival)

 Water and dust Transceiver: IP52 / Antenna: IP66

● Interfaces

   2 x Analogue RJ-11 phone/fax interfaces  1 x Bluetooth interface (vers. 1.2)

   Frequencies: 2400.0 – 2483.5 MHz

   Max. coverage, outdoor: 100m / 328ft

   Max. devices connected: 7 handsets, 1 PC

   Profiles supported: Cordless handset, serial port, dial-up networking

   Standard: Power Class 1

   2 x LAN interface

       Connector type: RJ-45, auto cross over MDI/MDI-X

     Data rate: 10/100 Mbps

     Max. cable length: 100m / 328ft (Cat5 UTP)

     Standard: ISO/IEC 8877:1992 and IEEE 802.3 (1998 edition)

   1 x USB interface

       Version: 1.1 (slave)

     Connector type: B plug

     Max. cable length: 5m / 16.4ft

   2 x ISDN interface

       Connector type: RJ-45

     Max. units per port: 8, max. total power supplied 1W

       1 x Transceiver/Antenna interface

       Connector type: TNC-QN

     Max. cable length: 100m / 328ft, single coax cable

     Max. cable loss: 1.4Ω / 20dB @ 1.5GHz

   2 x BGAN SIM-Card slots

       WLAN Access Point (not included in 403720A-00510)

     Standard: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g

     Antenna: Dual space diversity antennas in transceiver unit

     Frequencies: 2400.0-2485.0 MHz and 5150.0-5850.0 MHz

     Max. coverage outdoor: 100m / 328ft

     Max. datarate: 54 Mbps

● Power

 DC input range: 10-32VDC

 Power consumption

     Standby mode: 1.2W (typical)

     Transmit mode: 18W (typical)

     During charging: 65W (max.)

    AC/DC power supply

     Input: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 65W

     Output: 19VDC

     Connector type: 2.5 / 5.5 mm power jack

     Battery Lithium ion, rechargeable

     Stand-by time: 36h, 25°C / 77°F

     Transmit time, max.: 2h30m @ 144 kbps (158MB), 25°C / 77°F

     1h30m @ 492 kbps (324MB), 25°C / 77°F

     Receive time, max.: 3h30m @ 492 kbps (756MB), 25°C / 77°F

     Min. number of charges: 300

     Recharge time: 2 hours 30 minutes

     Charge temperature: 0°C to +45°C / 32°F to +113°F

● General

   LCD display Graphical high resolution, back lit

   User Interface Four navigation keys and power button

   Audio and LCD pointing aids and LED indicators

   Thrane & Thrane web interface

   Languages UK, FR, DE, ES, RU and CN

   Approvals CE, FCC, GMPCS

   Inmarsat Class 1 Type Approval

● Package

 EXPLORER 700 transceiver & antenna incl. rechargeable lithium ion battery

 0.4m & 10m antenna cables, 2m ISDN/LAN cable, 1.8m USB cable

 115/230VAC power supply

 Getting started kit: Quick start guide、CD with manuals

● Accessories:Antenna pole mount kit、Antenna cables (coax): 10m/3mm、30m/5mm、<60m/10mm、<100m/10mm (hard)、EXPLORER 2-wire handset、Soft bag.

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