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EXPLORER 325 is a compact BGAN system for on-the-move communication. The system consists of three fully integrated units – a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna with magnetic mounts.
Whether you’re engaged in humanitarian operations, cargo transportation, broadcasts or telemedicine, you need easy deployable communication equipment you can always rely on. Regardless of time or place.
Simply place the antenna on the roof, connect the antenna and your PC to the EXPLORER terminal, switch on the Thrane & Thrane IP Handset and the vehicle is turned into a mobile communication hub.
The auto tracking antenna is compact and lightweight, ideal for vehicles on-the-move. It is designed for robust and durable use.
BGAN offers mobile broadband connectivity wherever you go at fixed pricing with no roaming fees. With the EXPLORER 325 you know your cost of communication regardless of the number of borders you cross.
Technical Specifications
● Dimensions
 Transceiver H / W / D: 41 / 231 / 278 mm 1.6 / 9.1 / 10.9 inches
 Antenna H / W: 128 / Ø349 mm 4.72 / Ø13.8 inches
● Weight
 Antenna: 3.6kg / 7.9lbs (excl. magnets)
 Transceiver: 2.2kg / 4.9lbs
● Global Services
 Voice: 4 kbps AMBE+2
 Premium voice: 64 kbps (@elevation>45°)
 Standard IP: Up to 464 kbps
 Streaming IP: 32, 64, 128 kbps
 SMS: 160 characters
● Guaranteed service: Works above 5° elevation
● Inmarsat frequencies: 1525.0 – 1559.0 MHz (Rx)
 1626.5 – 1660.5 MHz (Tx)
● Recommended antenna cable
 Cable loss max / min: 20 dB@1.62 GHz & 1 Ω DC loop resistance
 3 dB @ 36 MHz / 4 dB @ 54 MHz
● General
 User Interface: Power On/Off button. Status LED. Thrane & Thrane web interface. Factory
 default reset
 Languages: UK, FR, DE, ES, RU and CN
 Approvals: CE, GMPCS, FCC
 Inmarsat Land Class 11 Type Approval (Vehicular)
● Interfaces
 1 x Analogue RJ-11 phone/fax interfaces
 2 x LAN interface
 Connector type: RJ-45
 Power over Ethernet (PoE)
 Data rate: 10/100 Mbps
 Max. cable length: 100m / 328ft (Cat5 UTP)
 Standard: ISO/IEC 8877:1992 and IEEE 802.3 (1998 edition)
 I/O connector: 5 pin general purpose I/O
 Antenna connector: Transceiver, TNC-Socket, Female Antenna, TNC-Socket, Female
 DC power connector: DC power input connector with Remote on/off and locking mechanism.
● Temperature
 Operational: -25 to +55°C / -13 to 131°F
 Survival: -40 to +80°C / -40 to 176°F
 Storage: -40 to +85°C / -40 to 185°F
 Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C / +104°F
 Water and dust (IP-rating)
 Transceiver: IP30
 Antenna: IP56
● Power
 DC input range: 10.5-32VDC
 Power (max)@10.5-32V.: 150W(incl. antenna & PoE output)
● Other features
 Telephone Functionality
 Phone book, message indication, restricted dialing and traffic logging.
 Set-up and Router Functionality
 Webserver, Built-in NAT Router, Admin control (password protected), DHCP, Network
 Management, Remote Management, SIP Server, Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
 (PPPoE), Power over Ethernet (PoE)
● Package
 EXPLORER 325 transceiver
 EXPLORER 325 tracking antenna with magnetic mount
 Antenna cable, coax w/ TNC plug (2.7m / 8.8ft)
 Ethernet Cable (2m / 6ft)
 Thrane IP handset w/ cradle & coiled cable
 Getting started kit: Quick start guide, CD with manuals
 12/24V DC input cable (3m / 9.8ft)
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