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Fleetphone - Oceana 400


Fleet Satellite Terminals

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Oceana 400 is a slimline terminal purposely designed for use in maritime applications where the simplest access to reliable voice and data communications services is required.Featuring an intelligent RJ11/POTS interface, it enables connection of up to 5 standard corded/cordless phones or integration to a PABX system. It can supporting cable runs of up to 600m (2000 feet), with in-built intelligence to support standard ring, busy and dial tones.

Other key features of the Oceana 400 include: a high quality IP53 rated enclosure (rainproof when wall mounted), wall or desk mountable and USB data access.The Oceana 400 is designed to operate with the Inmarsat Fleetphone service and is supplied with a dedicated active marine grade antenna system to provide a completely integrated solution that is ready for use anytime.



• Design

  High quality enclosure

  IP53 rated (rainproof)

  Wall or desk mountable

  Integrated antenna connections

  SIM socket on the rear of the terminal

• Power

  10–32V DC input

  110/240V AC plug pack included

  Supports up to 600m (2000 feet) of RJ11

  Dial, ring & busy tones

  Integrates to PABX system

  Support standard corded, cordless or DECT

• Phones

  Auto-dial & speed dials available

  Status LED indication for registration/signal

  USB data access

  Basic SMS support via Falcon application(via USB port)

  Includes BEAM Maritime Antenna (Active),Maritime grade mart mount active antenna


Technical Specifications

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