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Iridium System


Iridium System

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Iridium is the only commercial satellite network that offers seamless, reliable, global coverage over 100% of the planet. Iridium communication coverage includes the polar regions and every inch of land, sea or sky in between. This alone, is a powerful reason to consider Iridium, but it isn't the only one.

Iridium users to enjoy access to phone, text, or data services anywhere on earth, with shorter network registration times and low communications latency. The large number of cross-linked Iridium satellites also makes it easier to maintain a connection while walking-and-talking on your satellite phone.

Optional external antenna and docking stations can be used to extend the utility of Iridium devices for use inside a recreational cabin, trailer, vehicle, vessel or plane.

The Iridium constellation is a fully meshed network of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) cross-linked satellites that ensuring coverage over the entire globe. That's more satellites than any other network.

In addition to being the only network that offers 100% global communications coverage, an independent study also found Iridium’s network had the best call quality compared with similar competitive networks. This is one reason that the US military relies on the Iridium network.

Iridium is the only satellite network that offers complete global coverage. If you need access to satellite voice and data anywhere, or want to be able to talk on your satellite phone while moving around, choose an Iridium device. Its LEO network advantage also enables the use of smaller omni-directional antennas, resulting in devices with a compact, lightweight and streamlined form factor.


    100% global coverage including the Poles

    Good quality of service

    Truly mobile (walk and talk)

    Short network registration times

    Largest constellation with the most satellites and spares

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