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The SAILOR 4300 Iridium Certus ConnectedTM terminal is the pinnacle of L-band sitcom performance and reliability.It is compact and incredibly easy to install. It ensures that your link to the Iridium® NEXT network is always available so you can operate safer, smarter and more efficiently through the power of always available communication and digitally connected applications.

Next generation

Iridium CertusSM is a new portfolio of global satellite services powered by Iridium® NEXT, a ground-breaking L-band global satellite constellation, which features a cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) architecture to provide 100% coverage over the earth’s surface. With SAILOR 4300 providing your on board link, you are guaranteed high bandwidth IP connectivity and three high-quality voice lines for global calling wherever you are.

Heavyweight applications

Available in bulkhead and 19” rackmount configuration, SAILOR 4300 offers the most reliable connection to the Iridium® NEXT satellite network with speeds suitable for data-heavy applications including; videoconferencing, multi-user Internet/ VPN, IoT and telemedicine, alongside regular usage including email, electronic forms/reporting and crew communication.

Operational continuity

SAILOR 4300 is designed to withstand the harshest maritime environments. Reliability is high and lifecycle costs are inherently low – it is built to such high quality that there is no scheduled service interval and no maintenance for at least 10 years after installation. But should something go wrong, you have the support and knowledge of Cobham SATCOM’s unique Global Service Network to get you back online wherever you are.

Understanding innovation

As the market leader in maritime L-band terminals, Cobham SATCOM delivers innovation

based on our innate understanding of the operational realities and strategic goals of our service provider partners and end-users. When moving to Iridium® NEXT using SAILOR 4300, you get the best available Iridium CertusSM voice and data service anywhere in the world from an easy to install terminal with a rich feature-set and class-leading lifecycle costs.


  Iridium next approved. Compliant to RED, CE Marked. Testet to FCC part 25

  Rx 1616 - 1626.5 MHz;   Tx 1616 - 1626.5 MHz

  Cable loss : Maximum 1.8ohm DC loop resistance; maximum 10dB loss at 80MHz

  ADU TNC, female;  BDU TNC, female

  DC input range (isolated): 10.8V to 31.2V  Power (max) incl. antenna & PoE output 120W @ 10-32 V

  Ambient Temperature: -25 to +55°C
  Storage: -35 to +85°C
  Automatic thermal surveillance: Shuts down system gradually in ease of  own temperature
  BDU operating humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C
  BDU enclosure: IP31
  ADU operating humidity: 95% non-condensing at +40°C
  ADU enclosure: IPX6

  Vibration, operational
     Sine: Certified for IEC 60945 (8.7.2)
     Random spectrum 0,92 g rms x 3 axis
     5 to 20 Hz: 0.01 g2/Hz
     20 to 500 Hz: -3 dB/octave
 Vibration, survival
     Sine: Certified for IEC 60945 (8.7.2) dwell
     Random spectrum 1.7 g rms 2 h x 3 axes (6 h total):
     5 to 20 Hz: 0.05 g2/Hz
     20 to 150 Hz: -3 dB/octave

   Roll +/- 30 deg. per. 8 s, max 0.5 g tan.
   Pitch +/- 10 deg. per. 6 s, max 0.5 g tan.
   Yaw +/- 8 deg. per. 50 s, max 0.2 g tan.
   Surge +/- 0.2 g
   Sway +/- 0.2 g
   Heave +/- 0.5 g
   Turning rate +/- 6 deg/s; acc. 1 deg./s²
   Headway speed 30 knots (15 m/s)
   Wind 200 km/hr (108 knots)

   20g/11 half-sine
   Standard IP: 176/352 kbps
   Ethernet/LAN: 4 ports
   I/O Connector: 1 connector
   Status LED: Full status LED panel
   SIM Card Slot: 1 SIM Card slot for Iridium SIM card

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