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Portable Satellite Terminals

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The high-speed ip capabilities of Thuraya IP+ enable users to access corporate networks and connect with colleagues, family and friends via email, social media and voip applications – wherever and whenever they need it.

Providing ‘always-on’ mobile broadband access, Thuraya IP+ is ideal for a wide range of mission-critical operations such as broadcast media, defense, telemedicine and disaster response. With Thuraya IP+, broadcasters are also equipped with highspeed ip streaming connections to ensure that their video feeds can be transmitted back to their studios in the most optimized manner.


Key Advantages

● Durable And Dependable

 Thuraya IP+ is one of the most compact and portable broadband terminals available in the market.

● High-Speed streaming capabilities

 Boasting speeds of up to 444kbps on standard IP and 384kbps on streaming IP with an integrated antenna.

● Optimized bandwidth usage

 Thuraya IP+ can be configured with asymmetric streaming to allow you to set upload and download speeds at different rates.

● Congestion-free network

 With the unlimited data usage plan, users can conduct video conferences, file transfers and other highbandwidth applications at a fixed monthly rate.



● Technical specifications

   Dimensions: 216 x 216 x 45 mm

   Weight: 1.4 kg

   Interfaces: 1 Ethernet port; WLAN (WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption)

   Web user interface

   User interface on terminal: LCD Panel

   Standard IP:

    Send up to 444 kbps over a shared channel

    Receive up to 444 kbps over a shared channel

   Streaming IP: Guaranteed quality of service 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 kbps or 384 kbps

   Battery life (typical use): 1 hour of continuous transmission at highest rate; up to 36 hours standby time

   Ingress protection: IP 55

● In the pack

   Thuraya IP+ terminal

   Thuraya IP+ lithium-ion battery

   AC/DC power supply: 100-240 Volts (AC)

   Ethernet cable

   Manual and drivers on CD-ROM

● Optional accessories:Car charger、Land external antenna、Maritime external antenna、Vehicule external antenna


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