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Questions and answers of Aerospace Science and industry at the two sessions

(Summary description)On February 8, a screenshot of the SpaceX exchange video shows "Starman" riding in a Tesla sports car. On February 6, local time, SpaceX heavy launch vehicle, the heavy falcon, successfully launched and lifted off a Tesla sports car. SpaceX has become a model for commercial space.

Questions and answers of Aerospace Science and industry at the two sessions

(Summary description)On February 8, a screenshot of the SpaceX exchange video shows "Starman" riding in a Tesla sports car. On February 6, local time, SpaceX heavy launch vehicle, the heavy falcon, successfully launched and lifted off a Tesla sports car. SpaceX has become a model for commercial space.

On February 8, a screenshot of the SpaceX exchange video shows "Starman" riding in a Tesla sports car. On February 6, local time, SpaceX heavy launch vehicle, the heavy falcon, successfully launched and lifted off a Tesla sports car. SpaceX has become a model for commercial space.
Among the deputies to the National People's Congress, hushengyun, director of science and Technology Committee of Hubei Institute of space technology research affiliated to China Aerospace Technology Research Institute, is an old face. His suggestions are not new at first sight - vigorously develop commercial space. This continued his last term of duty, he decided to use the next five years, namely, a term of time to constantly voice, appeal, to this "old proposal" plus fire, for early landing.
The rise of commercial space in recent two years has made the global space field a little more fresh. Especially in the past period, whether it is the banner character of international commercial space, Elon mask, has successfully realized the launch of its heavy Falcon rocket, or the first private satellite, the first educational sharing satellite and other commercial small satellites flying frequently in China. Commercial space has been constantly entering the public view and has been popular.
2015, known as the first year of China's commercial space development, has now been in the past three years. Hu said that what industry people are keen to talk about is no longer a general concept of commercial space and the question whether it is possible to achieve it, but specifically calls on the government to issue a policy with dividend and to bring the words of "encouragement" to commercial space into effect as soon as possible. He told China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter, that this is about whether we can win a place on the path to a powerful Aerospace country and in a larger space stage. This stage is commercial space.
The inspiration from SpaceX: "the mode of" space development by state investment alone "needs to be changed.
Hushengyun proposed to develop commercial space in his capacity as a National People's Congress representative in the first place, or in 2015. That year, the US space exploration technology company led by Elon mask brought the "failure" news to the outside world, and even some people came out to say that mask was "Crazy" and "impossible to challenge". However, three years later, whether it was land recovery, sea recovery or heavy Falcon rocket assembly and launch, it was a success.
In this process, the public opinion environment around commercial space has changed rapidly, which makes many people not think - the astronauts always need to take something to prove that the road can be done. Accordingly, the space man is faster than ever in the development and utilization of space value.
On the one hand, around the means of delivery, in addition to launching satellites by rockets, astronauts are also considering the development of business travel and space travel through sub orbital aircraft. On the other hand, with the standardization and generalization of the design of micro nano satellite, especially cubic satellite, and the shelf-based and cheap components on the satellite, the "threshold" of satellite industry is constantly reduced, and the demand for launch is increasing rapidly.
One of the most representative examples is the launch of 104 stars last year, including 88 pigeon remote sensing satellites from a company. There were comments that more than one arrow and more stars would become normal in the future commercial launch.
As hushengyun said, today, different countries, schools, scientific research institutes and even individuals want to have a satellite outside the atmosphere. It seems that whoever can put more loads into orbit cheaply, quickly and reliably will take the lead.
SpaceX is clearly the leader. Hu said that the rapid rise of emerging enterprises represented by SpaceX has subverted the traditional development concept and business model of the aerospace industry, pushed the commercial aerospace industry to a new height and opened a new chapter of the development of commercial space in the Internet era.
He told reporters that with the development of the aerospace industry, the demand for funds and technology is growing, and commercial space as an important part of future space development has become a trend of development.
In fact, in the United States, commercial space development has made space cost reduction and cost-effective improvement have been confirmed by the data. Take SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket as an example, according to a report issued by NASA, the same Falcon 9 rocket, developed by NASA, costs at least $1.3 billion, while SpaceX costs less than $400million, greatly reducing the cost of R & D.
In contrast, the launch operation of our country mostly depends on the national plan, and the proportion of commercial satellites and their applications is relatively small. Hu said it is in sharp contrast to the proportion of commercial satellites in the United States that account for more than half of the satellites in orbit. He said it was time for China to use market forces to develop commercial aerospace applications.
Can commercial space launch sites be built to incorporate commercial aerospace products and services into the national procurement system?
Dongshengbo, member of the CPPCC and deputy director of the second Institute of China Aerospace Science and technology, also made proposals this year related to commercial aerospace.
He said that the success of Elon musc SpaceX was not only his integration of capital, talent and technology, but also his full use of the corresponding policies and environments in the United States. Looking back, there is a question in front of our country, that is, what is the mode of our commercial space development?
From the world, the development of commercial aerospace requires not only the design of industrial chain supported by R & D, manufacturing assembly, operation service, but also the business chain operated in accordance with the market-oriented mode.
In terms of space launch field, how to build a launch field to meet the needs of commercialization is an urgent problem; Even with commercial launch sites, how to operate and effectively supervise them is a problem to face in the future.
Hu suggested that the state should provide special launch site and other facilities for commercial space launch, and establish a clear price system. Commercial space launch requires high launch time, and the construction of commercial space launch site is conducive to the implementation and implementation of commercial space launch plan.
Hu also mentioned that the aerospace industry is a strategic emerging industry, and at present, China's commercial aerospace is still in its infancy. It is suggested that the state formulate financial support policies, give necessary preferential and support in tax revenue and insurance, and support the commercial aerospace industry to be stronger and stronger as soon as possible.
In fact, looking back on the development of SpaceX, we can see that the company has been benefiting from the support of the U.S. government. This support is not only policy level, but also specific project orders. Public information shows that Falcon 9 has won 38 launch contracts worldwide in the next five years, 14 of which are from the government. In May 2015, the company was also eligible for the U.S. military space launch mission.
Hushengyun also suggested that domestic commercial space should be included in the scope of government procurement and preferential policies should be issued. He told reporters that at present, more national projects in China's aerospace field are planned and self-built and self-built, while emerging users hope to "take" orders through procurement services and bidding, which requires more bold reform from the institutional mechanism.
Linyuanxian fish is better to retreat and network: you do not do, others will take away.
Zhang Zhongyang, member of the CPPCC and President of the second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and technology group, talked about commercial space and SpaceX, and did not deny that he was the national team, that he should learn from advanced companies and ideas.
He told reporters that SpaceX's spirit of innovation, the spirit of daring to challenge and the spirit of fear of failure all contributed to its success, and the commercialization operation also greatly improved their efficiency, which are worth studying in China's commercial space industry.
Not long ago, the company also launched two low-orbit broadband mobile communication technology test satellites, which were only a front station, and the final constellation size planned to be built will reach more than 10000. Accordingly, Hongyun project, developed by the second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and technology group, is expected to launch 156 satellites. Although the number of satellites is relatively small, the targets of both are consistent and the final functions are similar.
Zhang told reporters that at present, Hongyun project will strive to seize the commanding point of low-rail broadband mobile communication, a commercial space field, and contribute China's space program and China's space wisdom to the world in the field of low-rail broadband communication.
Although commercial space in China started late, it is not a single sheet of white paper. In addition to Hongyun project mentioned by zhangzhongyang, only taking Aerospace Science and engineering as an example, we should also build commercial space projects such as flying cloud, fast cloud, Xingyun project and Tengyun project.
Based on the flying cloud project, the aerial LAN based on UAV platform will be built; Based on the fast cloud project, the near space LAN based on the platform of the air floater will be built; Based on the cloud project, the global mobile Internet of things with narrow-band satellite will be built; Relying on the project of Tengyun, it will form the flight capacity of air and sky round trip, etc.
In 2015, China's commercial space launched in China officially breaking ice. Gaohongwei, the representative of the National People's Congress and chairman of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Corporation, said at that time that the mainstream development of global space technology has reached the stage of large-scale industrialization and must enter a wide range of commercial applications.
Within a year, the implementation plan of Wuhan National Aerospace industry base, the national reply document, was put into effect, and Wuhan became the first national commercial aerospace industry base in China. According to the scheme, it is expected that by 2020, the base will build the production capacity of 50 launch vehicles per year, and the manufacturing capacity of 40 commercial satellites with an annual output of more than 100 kg and 100 commercial satellites under 100kg.
Gao said of the plan that this marks the development of China's commercial aerospace industry into a new historical stage, the opening of the gate, the historical flood of commercial space development is coming.

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