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Beijing Ruifen Communication Equipment United Co., Ltd (Ruifen Communications for short) was established in 2004, has branch office in both Beijing and Shanghai. Focus on providing the best mobile satellite communication equipment and the kinds of satellite applications to China market, including satellite communications equipment, satellite services and airtime settlement, application software and platforms, and consulting, design, installation, training, maintenance and other services. Ruifen Communications works closely with international satellite companies such as Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, KVH and speedcast etc. Ruifen Communications established business relationship with MCN and China Telecom. Except satellite business, Ruifen communications also deal with short-wave radio and ultra-short wave radios business.

Most of the staff of Ruifen communications have been professional trained in satellite, including engineers certified by satellite company and managers and the support team who are specialized with land, marine and aero satellite business. Ruifen Communications focus on the Satellite Communication field and built up international credibility (Dun and Bradstreet number is 545255254).We visit, communicate with and study from global partners, keep training talents and improve ourselves.

Ruifen communications established EDS system, to joint research and develop equipment, system integration and software, provide marine and land satellite solutions, such as remote medical treatment, emergency rescue, charity, data of Marine industry, e-commerce, etc. The brand-new "satellite + Internet" business model of EDS system, will expand business prospects and the growth space of the satellite application, with apps and operating platform to improve the efficiency of data communication, management level and economic benefits.


ruifengRuifen Communications business scope:


Satellite Devices(Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya);

VSAT(KVH, Intellian, Cobham);

VSAT, Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya satellite service and airtime settlement;

Short Wave Radios(Codan, Barrett, Cobham, ELIBIT );

Ultra short wave radios(Motorola, Kenwood, Icom);

Satellite Antennas.


Ruifen Communications provide voice and data communication equipment, satellite solutions for users in remote terrestrial areas and offshore, applied to kinds of industries, such as army, armed police, public security, fire protection, water conservancy, geology, aviation, telecommunications, electric power, mining, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, earthquake, scientific research, transportation, travel, media, shipbuilding, special car, shipping, fishing, oil, anti-drug, frontier defense, rescue etc.


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Links:  INMARSAT         Thuraya          IRIDIUM


Beijing  address:  Room 1711-1712 ,Jixie Mansion ,No.248 Guangwai Street,Xicheng District,Beijing City,China.

Shanghai address: Room 201, Building 1, Hongyu Mini City, No. 6055 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Beijing telephone:86-10-63312498
Shanghai telephone:86-18516184321





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